What do we do ?

Welcome to  A4 Plans, now that you're here you can find out more about our low price on-line service for your French Planning Application.


When you subscribe to our services you get a complete dossier package which includes, facade drawings, site plans, technical description, artists impression etc. All drawings are done using a CAD package (Computer Aided Design) and are capable of being printed out on A4 paper so that you can simply print them yourself at home for delivery to the Mairie, or at some future date for whatever purpose you want.


No doubt you've heard that above 170m2, that you are obliged to use an architect.  Here at A4-Plans we tend to split the properties into 3 types :-


  • Typical : under the 170m2 where we do it entirely in house.
  • Larger : between 170m2 and 250m2, where the architect oversees and approves the dossier for an additional small fee.
  • Grand : over the 250m2, where we pass it on to the architect, in which case we do no work and merely act as the technical translator etc


Whichever type of property you have, we are confident that we can deliver your complete dossier for the most competitive price.